Books and other returnable items

Notification of Arrival

You will be notified via your registered email address when the item arrives for you. Dalhousie affiliates are expected to use their Dalhousie email for all library communications.

Pick up of Material

Document Delivery items must be picked up at a Dalhousie Library. The notification email will include the pickup location. The pickup location normally defaults to the Dalhousie Library at which you registered, but the request form allows you to change your preferred Dalhousie pickup location on a request by request basis.

Loan Periods

The lending library determines the length of the loan, as well as the possibility of renewal of the loan.

The blue wrapper around the item indicates its due date. Please do not remove the blue wrapper.

Renewing Items

The blue wrapper will indicate whether an item is non-renewable. If you need more time with the item and the blue wrapper does have “not renewable” option or online via the request form. Staff will check with the lending library to see if renewal is possible. If the item cannot be renewed it must be returned immediately.

If you still need the item, put a note on it when you return it (or email and staff will try to obtain a copy from another library for you.

Automated overdue notices are sent by the system. Up until the delivery of the second automated overdue notice staff will attempt to renew renewable items upon request. Items for which two overdue notices have been sent may not be renewed.

Overdue Items

Please respect the lending policies of the libraries who lend us material on your behalf. Doing so helps maintain Dalhousie’s institutional borrowing privileges with them.

Heed Overdue Notices you receive and either return the item to us or contact us about the possibility of a Renewal (see above). Replacement costs for lost or long overdue items are the responsibility of the requester.  

Recalled Items

If the lending library recalls the item before its due date you will be notified by the Document Delivery staff. Recalled items must be returned immediately. If you still need the material staff will try to get the item from another lending library.

Returning Items

Document Delivery items must be returned to one of the Dalhousie Libraries Service Point desks and should retain the blue wrapper which provides all the relevant return information. Please do not remove the blue wrapper.

Lost or Damaged Material

Please inform the Document Delivery staff immediately if an item has been lost or damaged. The lending library will be notified and will determine any charges.

Replacement and/or repair costs for lost or damaged items are the responsibility of the requester. The Document Delivery staff do make note of any apparent damages to items upon their receipt from the lending library and upon their return from our patrons.

Contact Document Delivery

If you have any questions regarding document delivery please contact the Department.