Holds, Recalls, and Searches

Not on the shelf? We can help.


How to request a hold through the Novanet Catalogue:
  • Find the item in the Novanet Catalogue
  • Select "Sign in to request" to login to your library account
  • Select "Hold"
  • "Select Pickup Location" from drop down menu
  • Select "Hold"

You will be notified by email when your held item is available for pick up.


If you need library material currently out on loan, recall it. Any student, faculty or staff who require an item sooner than the due date may request a recall. To recall an item out on loan to another patron:
  • Go to the service point/circulation desk of a Dalhousie library
  • Fill out a recall card
  • Dalhousie material can be recalled from any Dalhousie library
  • Current borrowers will be notified and are allowed 10 days to return item(s)
  • You will be notified upon the books' return and have 7 days to pick up
  • Fines for late returns of recalled books are $1.00/day

Recalls are not available to Off-campus, IB, CURBA, or CAUL borrowers


If you cannot find an item in the stacks, fill out a search card at the service point/circulation desk. We notify you within a week of the search result. Or, you can ask staff at the service point/circulation desk about getting the item from another library.