Dalhousie Libraries provides help in finding and retrieving data and statistics for all kinds of assignments and research projects. Our GIS Center can help you locate GIS data, manipulate data in GIS software, and display your results on a map.

We can also help with creating research data management plans and the safe storage and sharing of your research data. Contact:

Microdata through the Data Liberation Initiative

We have privileged access to Canadian microdata through the Data Liberation Initiative (DLI), an agreement between some universities and Statistics Canada.

Contact: Julie Marcoux, Data Librarian

Health Data

Visit our Health Statistics research guide for help in locating health data and statistics.

Ann Barrett, Librarian for Health Sciences

Melissa Helwig, Librarian for Health Sciences

Julie Marcoux, Data Librarian

Social Sciences Data

Visit our Data for the Social Sciences research guide for help in locating social data and statistics.

Contact: Julie Marcoux, Data Librarian

GIS Data

GIS data can help you create maps to visualize patterns. 

Geospatial data page of the Social Sciences Data research guide
GIS Centre internal data sets
GIS Centre external data sets


Other Data

Check for a data page on your subject area research guide. You can also contact the data librarian for help.

Contact: Julie Marcoux, Data Librarian

Atlantic Research Data Centre

The Atlantic Research Data Centre (ARDC) is part of a national network of Research Data Centres. The ARDC provides access to microdata for academic and policy relevant research beyond what is available through the DLI.


Many of these data sets require specialized software. Software available for download by current Dalhousie students, staff & faculty include ArcGIS, SPSS, and more. You will need your Net ID and password to download the software.