Census of Population 2016

Maps, Microdata, and More

Dalhousie Libraries has a number of Census maps, microdata, and other data resources available for researchers through the Dalhousie Borealis Dataverse

For more information on the 2016 Census, please visit the StatCan website for the 2016 Census of Population.

For additional data products, tutorials and assistance, please visit the Data and Statistics LibGuide. Census information and products can be found on the LibGuide under Canadian Data - Census and NHS.

PDF Maps

PDF Maps

Aggregated Dissemination Area (ADA) and Dissemination Area (DA) Maps

ADA and DA maps are provided at the Dataverse links below. Each dataset contains a readme, as well as PDF DA and ADA maps. For Halifax County, Census Tract (CT) maps are also provided.

County Link
All Counties
Annapolis doi.org/10.23685/FFIXAK
Antigonish doi.org/10.23685/QFLOCK
Cape Breton doi.org/10.23685/QQKUMJ
Colchester doi.org/10.23685/SULTWK
Digby doi.org/10.23685/OZD21J
Guysborough doi.org/10.23685/M1YIYQ
Halifax doi.org/10.23685/QANSF2
Hants doi.org/10.23685/AOEY2B
Inverness doi.org/10.23685/HLBS8M
Kings doi.org/10.23685/GYN3PF
Lunenburg doi.org/10.23685/QA4RE7
Pictou doi.org/10.23685/FBVBQ4
Queens doi.org/10.23685/PQIOGB
Richmond doi.org/10.23685/OQXLIW
Shelburne doi.org/10.23685/FI5BU8
Victoria doi.org/10.23685/1CTXCD
Yarmouth doi.org/10.23685/GQRYLJ

Data Products

Data Products

A number of data products are available for Census 2016 on the Statistics Canada website.

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