GIS Internal Data

GeoSpatial data available at the GIS Centre

Dalhousie University has restricted licensing agreements attached to the use of geospatial data. Dalhousie University students, research assistants, staff and faculty are permitted to use Canadian-sourced government and private sector data for educational, research and teaching purposes only.

Frequently requested datasets

Halifax Regional Municipality Topographic Data [PDF]
Variable but as fine as 1:1 000 Scale
This includes planimetric data, natural and manmade features, contours, place names, and property information.

Nova Scotia Topographic Data [PDF]
Scale 1:10 000
This data in freely available online by map sheet.  It can be accessed at Access Nova Scotia website.  The data that is available at the Centre is contiguous.  This includes planimetric data, natural and manmade features, DEM's, place names, and property information.

Nova Scotia Forestry Data
Scale 1:10 000 

Contains data related to a wide variety of forestry applications including species type, stand age, average tree diameter, and merchantable volumes.

Canadian National Topographic Database (NTDB) 
Scale 1:50 000 and 1:250 000

This dataset has national coverage on 13 different themes. Data includes roads, watercourses, urban areas, railways, vegetation, and relief.

DMTI Spatial Inc. Data
Scale variable but down to sub-metre accuracy 

DMTI data has general country-wide data for Canada including capital cities, postal codes, and time zones.  There are also more detailed data for the provinces and territories. This data includes street names, government buildings such as schools and hospitals, and cities/towns and community locations.

Data from ESRI
Scale are variable from 1:1 000 000 to 1:25 000 000 

Contains a wide variety of general datasets including waterbodies, countries, continents, cities.