Digital Collections

Digital @ Dalhousie

Unique materials from across the Dalhousie Libraries have been digitized to make them more accessible to students and researchers. The collections are eclectic and wide ranging in subject and format, from Artwork of Stephen Parrish and Charles Platt to the contents of the university’s first medical library to the research of Dalhousie faculty.

History of Dalhousie University

Visit our "History of Dalhousie" guide to discover the university's rich history as shown through digitized full-text publications, photographs, and audiovisual mateiral.

Kellogg Library Digital Collections

History of medicine, Nova Scotia Medical Register/Bulletin, Cogswell Library, & more.

Sexton Digital

Sexton Digital is working to digitize titles and collections related to the fields of architecture, planning and engineering. We are committed to the concept of Open Access. All of our digitized products are available for free online.