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is a consortium or partnership of the university and community college libraries in Nova Scotia. All of these academic libraries share a combined library catalogue, called the Novanet Catalogue.

Dalhousie students, faculty, and staff may use any of the Novanet libraries – they can visit in person and while there use library resources and sign-out loanable materials using a valid DalCard that has been registered with the Dalhousie Libraries.

Materials from Novanet Libraries can also be borrowed using the Novanet Express Service. Books and photocopies can be requested through online forms and will be delivered to the user’s preferred Novanet library.

There are two versions of the Novanet Catalogue:

Novanet: Search for books, but also for many other types of resources: journal articles, conference proceedings, newspapers, theses, technical reports, open access material. You can also search Novanet from the search box that appears on the Dalhousie Libraries' homepage.

Novanet Classic: This older text version of the Novanet catalogue is still available to users but it is not being updated with any new functionality.

For help using Novanet or Novanet Classic there are online tutorials available.

If you have any questions about either version of the Novanet catalogue, please visit the Service/Circulation Desk of any Dalhousie Library.