Map Collection

Atlantic Canada's largest collection

Dalhousie University Libraries has maintaianed a map collection for 30 years. It features a large holding of paper maps and atlases. Our reference and research services support the needs of students, faculty and the general public.

About the Map Collection

Our Map Collection materials do not circulate. Atlases are located on the 5th floor in the GIS Centre. Advance requests to view other materials may be made to the Map Curator.

Please note that not all of our maps appear in the catalogue, please consult with the Map Curator about the availability and viewing arrangements for your area of interest. 

Collection highlights

  • Federal depository: Dalhousie is a depository for federal maps of Canada 
  • City plan maps: City planning maps at various scales.
  • Historical maps: Significant historical maps of Canada.
  • Geological maps: Bedrock and surficial geological maps for Canada.
  • Topographic and road maps: provincial products.
  • Atlases: regional, international, and thematic subjects.
  • Cartographic Reference Material: gazetteers, distance tables, catalogues.

Map Collection services

We provide services for the Dalhousie University Community and the general public.

Service highlights

  • Reference: assistance on research projects.
  • Reserve material: set aside specific materials.
  • Customized displays: staff can create specialized cartographic displays.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) Centre

The GIS Centre on the fifth floor of the Killam Library, provides support for Geographic Information Sciences research and teaching. It is the largest library-based GIS Centre in Canada.