Over 100 years of Dalhousie graduate research available to you.

We collect all graduate theses (Master’s theses and Doctoral dissertations) accepted by Dalhousie University, including joint degrees with other institutions.

Dalhousie Theses and Dissertations are available in multiple formats and multiple locations. Depending on the year the thesis or dissertation was completed, consult these tools to identify and locate the item you’re interested in. 

  1890-1972 1972-2009 1997-2009 2009-2011 2009-present
DalSpace (electronic copies)      
Theses Canada Portal (electronic copies)  
Dissertations & Abstracts Database
(electronic copies)
Master File: Killam Special Collections    

Available formats

Format Years Locations Can be borrowed or downloaded?
Digital 1997-present Theses Canada Portal Yes – download
  1997-2009 Dissertations & Abstracts Database Yes - download
  2009-present DalSpace Yes – download
Print 1890-1972 Killam Special Collections (includes Maritime School of Social Work and Technical University of Nova Scotia (TUNS)) Yes – borrow only in particular circumstances: Contact Special Collections
  1948-2009 Law Yes - borrow
  1973-2009 Killam Service Point (includes Maritime School of Social Work & TUNS prior to 2001)
Yes – borrow
  Prior to 2011 MacRae – NSAC theses  Yes - borrow
  all available years Sexton – Technical University of NS theses and post-1997 Dal (Sexton campus) print theses Yes - borrow
Microfiche 1973-2005 Killam Service Point No – in library use only
Microfilm Some pre 1972 Killam – Microfilm room No – in library use only

Purchasing theses

If the authors have signed release forms, theses may be purchased for research purposes.

Proquest sells post-1972 Dalhousie theses.
Copying: If not found anywhere else and if permitted by copyright law Killam Special Collections can provide copies (25 cents a page). Contact Special Collections.

Request a thesis from another university

Theses from Novanet member universities are listed in the Novanet catalogue and may be requested through the catalogue. Use the Document Delivery  to obtain theses from other universities.