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The Anatomy Professor

  • Dr. Baghdadi has been teaching anatomy for 61 years. In this audio file, Dr. Baghdadi talks about his experiences teaching anatomy at the Dalhousie medical school (via CBC Maritime Magazine).

The Cape Breton Coal Miners' Check-Off System of Healthcare Insurance

  • The "check-off" was a healthcare insurance system where deductions were made from Cape Breton Coal Miners miners' wages for a subscription to physician services, medications and hospital care. The check-off remained in the Cape Breton mining towns until 1969, when it was replaced by the national plan of medical care insurance in Nova Scotia, Medicare, administered by Maritime Medical Care.

Dr. Charles Cogswell's Medical Library 1864

  • Illustrated online catalogue of this 19th century physician's personal medical library. Many books listed in this catalogue may be found in Special Collections, Killam Library.

The Cholera beacon [PDF, 3.6 MB]

  • Full title: The Cholera beacon, Being a treatise on the epidemic cholera: as it appeared in Upper Canada in Elam Stimsom, M.D. 
  • 36 page booklet offers a plain description of symptoms and the various forms of attack by which the disease may be detected in its curable stage.

Dalhousie Medical Dental Library: a record of 99 years. M. Doreen E. Fraser [PDF, 19.2 MB]

  • In 1968, the Medical School of Dalhousie University celebrated its centennial. Doreen Fraser, chief librarian, wrote a history of the Medical Dental Library to commemorate this occasion.
  • This two part article originally appeared in the APLA Bulletin: Part 1, v. 30:1 (Feb. 1967), pp. 12-18 and Part 2, v. 30:2 (May 1967), pp. 57-69. Permission to reproduce these articles here was given by the APLA Executive. [Email dated March 2, 2006]

Dalhousie University Brief to 1961 Royal Commission on Health Services. [PDF, 29.8 MB]

  • Full title: Dalhousie University. Brief to the Royal Commission on Health Services from Dalhousie University. 1961. 93 p.
  • Original located in the Kellogg Library at W 18 D143b 1961
  • This report was presented by A. E. Kerr, President of Dalhousie University; C. B. Stewart, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine; J. D. McLean, Dean of the Faculty of Dentistry and H. D. Hicks, Vice-President of Dalhousie University (On behalf of the Faculty of Health Professions). 

Deaths Among War Pensioners, 1918-1936 [PDF, 9.1 MB]

  • This study was prepared by F. S. Burke for the Federal Minister of Pensions and National Health in 1939.

Education in the Maritime Provinces. 1922 [PDF, 33.7 MB]

  • Report of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching published in 1922. 
  • The report examines all levels of education in the Maritime Provinces: elementary, secondary and higher education.

Committee to Examine Physicians Who Have Attended His Majesty George III [PDF, 1.4 MB]

  • Title: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. Committee to Examine Physicians Who Have Attended His Majesty George III. Report from the Committee of the House of Commons, appointed to examine the physicians who have attended His Majesty, during his illness, touching the state of his Majesty's Health. Dublin: P. Byrne, 1788. 24 p.
  • The original, part of the Morse collection, may be viewed in Special Collections, Killam Library. Call no. WZ 260 G7865r 1788

Guide Book to the Medicine Chest for Merchant Vessels. Halifax, 1879. 32 p. [PDF, 25 MB]

  • The actual book may be viewed in Special Collections, Killam Library. Call no. VG 275 DC2.1 N9 G9463 1879
  • A list of recommended items for the medicine chests of merchant vessels, along with their suggested uses. Includes an index.

Geis Report - Dental Education in the United States and Canada : A Report to the Carnegie Foundation For the Advancement of Teaching. 1926  [PDF, 136.5Mb]

  • In 1926, as part of a series of studies on professional education in the United States funded by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching, Dr. William Gies published a landmark report that established the importance of dentistry as a healing science and an essential component of higher education in the health professions.
  • The Gies Report, Dental Education in the United States and Canada, took five years to research and write. It consists of 250 pages of text and more than 400 pages of appendixes, including lengthy descriptions and evaluations of the existing dental schools, each of which Dr. Gies visited.

Halifax Medical College Constitution. Halifax, 18754 p. [PDF, 1 MB]

  • The actual item may be viewed in Special Collections, Killam Library. Call no. W 19.5 DC2.2 H2 H173c
  • Presented here is the Constitution of the Halifax Medical College which was established in 1875.

Handel's Messiah - The First Performance

  • It is well known that the first performance of Handel's Messiah took place in Dublin, in 1742. What is not well known is why he chose Dublin and the circumstances surrounding Messiah's premiere. The results of my research on Handel's Messiah were presented a CBC radio programme which was aired at Christmas 2003. The program was aired as two separate segments and these audio segments are presented here.

Historic Notes and Canadian Medical Lore 1906. 198, [18] p. Illus. [PDF, 24.6 MB]

  • Lecture memoranda. British Medical Association meeting, Toronto, 1906 and published by Burroughs Wellcome & Co., London, Eng. It covers a broad spectrum of topics in Canadian history in general, and medical history in particular.

Letter from Henry Jenner to William Mitchell, Esq. of New York, April 22, 1818.

  • Henry Jenner, nephew to Edward Jenner the discoverer of the smallpox vaccine, wrote a letter to William Mitchell of New York, in which he tells the respondent that he is sending a vaccine to him and gives some instruction for its administration. The content of that letter is here presented. The actual letter is held at Killam Library, Special Collections: QW 805 J515m 1818

Maritime Medical News

  • View the entire content of the Maritime Medical News online, via Early Canadiana Online. [Vol. 1, no. 1 (Nov. 1888)-v. 22, no. 12 (Dec. 1910)]. Early Canadiana online service includes searching. This journal was published bi-monthly from 1888-1890 and thereafter monthly. In 1910, it merged with the Montreal Medical Journal to become Canadian Medical Association Journal.

Massachussetts-Halifax Health Commission Report, 1919-1924.

  • This is the report of the Commission set up to deal with the aftermath of the disastrous Halifax explosion, December 6, 1917. The actual report is held in the Kellogg Health Sciences Library at: WA 900 DC2.2 H2 M4 1925

Medical Guide for Flying Personnel. 1940. 102 p. [PDF, 19.7 MB]

  • This guide was written by Heinz von Diringshofen. It was originally written in German in 1939 under the title Oberstatsartz der Luftwaffe and translated into English by Major Velyien E. Henderson, a professor of Pharmacology, University of Toronto. The guide was published by the University of Toronto Press in 1940. The information was written for both fliers and physicans of the air force.
Medical Register of Nova Scotia
  • The Medical Register of Nova Scotia has been published annually since 1857. Presented here are digital reproductions of the Registers for the years 1857-1960. Later years can found in print form in the Kellogg Library. Consult the Novanet Catalogue for holdings. Ask at the Information Desk for access.
Medical Services in Canada, 1927 [PDF 53.4 MB]
  • Second Conference on the Medical Services in Canada arranged by the Canadian Medical Association and held under the patronage of the Honourable James H. King. M.D., M.P., Minister of Health for Canada in the House of Commons Ottawa on March 28th, 29th and 30th, 1927. 87 p.
Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin (Journal)
  • View the full text of the Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin online to v.43 (1964). This digitization project is a work in progress. Volumes and issues will be added as they are finished. See the link below for the index to this journal.
Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin (Journal) Index
  • A richly detailed index of the complete content of all years of the Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin, v.1(1922)-v.66(1987) and the Nova Scotia Medical Journal, v.67(1988)-v.72(1993).
Nova Scotia Provincial Board of Health Annual Reports
  • Here are presented the Annual Reports for the Nova Scotia Provincial Board of Health for the years 1894, 1896-1899, and 1902-1903.
Nova Scotia Report of the Superintendent of Neglected and Delinquent Children 1919
  • Sixth annual report of the Office of the Superintendent of Neglected and Delinquent Children of Nova Scotia for the year ending September 30th, 1918. Included in this report are photos and descriptions of the aftermath of the Halifax explosion which occurred Dec. 6, 1917.
  • Included in this report are photos and descriptions of the aftermath of the Halifax explosion which occurred Dec. 6, 1917.
Pioneers of medicine in Nova Scotia. 1904. 45 p. [PDF, 13.8 MB]
  • Written by D. A. Campbell, M.D. and reprinted from the Maritime Medical News, this paper was read before the Nova Scotia Branch of the British Medical Association, April 13th, 1904. 
    • Location of the original: Kellogg Library WZ 70 DC2.1 N9 C187 1904
Prevention of the Pollution of Canadian Surface Waters. 1912.24 p. [PDF, 6.1 MB]
  • This pamphlet is a reprint of a series of three articles written for the Toronto Globe by T. Aird Murray. The first article was published on December 30th, 1911, and the others early in January 1912.
Provincial Medical Board of Nova Scotia Annual Announcement. 1913. 20 p. [PDF, 4,2 MB]
  • Full title: Regulations to be observed by medical students and candidates for the licence of the Provincial Medical Board of Nova Scotia annual announcement for 1913-1914.
Provincial Medical Journal 1868.  
  • First medical journal published in Nova Scotia. Volume 1, issue 1, of the Provincial Medical Journal was reprinted in 1932, as part of  volume 11, issue 8, on pages 419-440, of the Nova Scotia Medical Bulletin. Three issues were printed by Dalhousie in 1868.

  • Vol. 1, no. 1 (May 1868). 22 p. [PDF]
  • Vol. 1, no. 2 (Aug 1868). 24 p. [PDF]
  • Vol. 1, no. 3 (Nov 1868). 19 p. [PDF]
Report on a Sanitary Survey of the Province of New Brunswick. 1917. 96 p. [PDF, 9.8 MB]
  • Written by John Hall for the Government of New Brunswick. Printed in Fredericton, NB November 1917. "The object of this investigation was to secure, from various sources, data which might indicate the present status of the Public Health in New Brunswick and which might serve as a basis for a plan for improving existing conditions..." - Introduction.
Report on a Survey of Medical Education in Canada and the United States. 1946.55 p. [PDF 15.9 MB]
  • This report was prepared by C. E. Doman on the instructions from the Board of Governors of the University of British Columbia, and submitted for their consideration on May 3, 1946. For his survey, Dolman visited 11 medical schools in Canada, and 22 of the leading medical schools in the United States.
Report on the 1944 Anopheline Mosquito Survey in Canada. 52 leaves [PDF, 3.2 MB]
  • Report was written by C. R. Twinn and published by the Division of Entomology, Dept. of Agriculture Science Service, Canada. It was published as Division of Entomology processed publication no. 17, December 30, 1944.
Report on the Survey of Hospitals in Nova Scotia under the Federal Health Survey Grant 1949. 160 p. [PDF, 11.4 MB]
  • This report was prepared by C. B. Stewart and presented to the Hon. Harold Connolly, Minister of Public Health, Nova Scotia in September 1950. This report covers a part of the survey of health and hospital facilties, which was authorized under the Federal Health Survey Grant.
Saint John General Hospital - Rules and Regulations for the Resident Medical Staff. 1937 16 p. [PDF, 7.4 MB]
  • This small handbook outlines the rules and regulations for resident medical staff at the Saint John General Hospital in the year 1937.
A Statistical Study of Tuberculosis in Nova Scotia. 1925 16 p. [PDF, 9.7 MB]
  • This report gives an overview of the incidence, prevalence and mortality of tuberculosis in Nova Scotia for the years 1909-1925. It was prepared by the Department of Public Health of Nova Scotia.