International Baccalaureate Cards

Register at Dalhousie

Your IB High School Student I.D. is your library card. You can use it to borrow books and other materials, in person, from any Dalhousie Library.

  • Register your Halifax area IB program I.D. card in-person at Killam Memorial Library
  • Register your Cobequid Education Centre (CEC) & Northumberland Regional High School (NRHS) IB program I.D. card in-person at the MacRae Library (Truro)

Your ID card is used for all loans. You must present it each time you wish to borrow materials. Without it, you cannot sign out anything from the library.

Cards are not transferable.

Lost cards and changes of home or email address must be reported.

  • Halifax high schools report lost cards and address changes to the Killam Library Service Point.
  • CEC and NRHS students report lost cards and address changes to the MacRae Library.
  • Library correspondence will be sent to the email address you provided when you registered with the Dalhouse Libraries so please check it regularly when you have materials signed out.

Borrow from the library

There is no limit to the number of items you can borrow, but because of the high demand on our library resources by Dalhousie students, we ask all IB students to exhaust their own school library resources before they use Dalhousie. Otherwise, Dalhousie Library borrowing policies apply to you just as they apply to Dalhousie Students. Read more about our borrowing policies: 

Accessing electronic resources

All IB participants will have access to Dalhousie electronic resources (ejournals, databases etc.) while they are in the Dalhousie Libraries. IB students who wish to search the electronic databases may do so using the public computers at the Dalhousie Libraries.

As Dalhousie Libraries have a limited number of PCs which are in high demand, we would ask that participants use the electronic resources made available to them by and at their schools first.  

IB Students do not have off-campus access from home or school to Dalhousie’s electronic journals and databases. IB students do have use of the Novanet catalogue from off-campus. The Novanet catalogue lists all books and journals held by Nova Scotia university & community college libraries.

Studying at Dalhousie Libraries

As already noted, library computers and materials are in high demand by Dalhousie students. Study spaces are also very limited so once again IB students are asked to exhaust their own school and home facilities for studying before using those at the Dalhousie Libraries.