OCLC Cards for Faculty

Get access to research libraries across North America

Through the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program (RFBP), Dalhousie faculty can enjoy library services at more than 150 research university libraries in Canada and the United States. (Click here for a list of participating libraries.)

If you plan to do research at other universities, obtain an OCLC library card from a Dalhousie Library before you leave. This card will either give you borrowing privileges at other research libraries or give you access to the collection where access is restricted.


Only faculty members holding valid Dalhousie picture ID cards are eligible to apply for a RFBP card. This card will be valid for one year from date of application. Both full-time and part-time faculty members are eligible.

Cards can be obtained from any Dalhousie Library. Library staff can provide:
  • a list participating libraries
  • a brochure outlining the rules of the program
  • an application form for the Reciprocal Faculty Borrower's card
  • a Reciprocal Faculty Borrower's card