Law Library Video Conferencing


Schulich Video Conferece Room


Uses: Videoconferecing allows two or more individuals or groups at different locations to see and hear each other at the same time. Computer presentations, if used, are also broadcast to all locations.
  Examples of a live session include:
  • PhD review/denfense with adjudicator elsewhere.
  • With a researh colleague at another location.
  • In a video workshop.
  • interview of potential candidate for study or employment.
Product: Lifesize Team 220
Requirements: A compatiable facility at the other end of the vodeo conference.
Campus Location: Room L115, Law Library.  Key available at the information Desk.
Room Capacity: Up to 8 Participants 
Layout: V-Shaped conference table facing two side-by-side 55" flat screen monitors.
Attire: To ensure that you can be seen clearly by those at the other end of the conference, we recommend that you wear darker colours.  As well, busy clothing patterens or strips can cause image shimmer and a general degradation of the overall broadcast picture.  For example, a plain tie is better than one with a pattern.
Reservations: Contact the Library IT Department at 902-494-2125
Pre-Event Testing: A 1/2 hour test session 2-3 days prior to the event is required to ensure system compatibility.
  • For a university session there is no charge.  Requests for videoconferencing are granted according to the availability of the staff resources.
  • For outside groups the hourly fee is $100 for setup, testing and the session.
  • A cancellation fee may be charged for appointments no cancelled.
Please Note:

It is Law Library policy that food is not allowed in the conference room and all drinks must be in travel mugs.

At least 48 hours notice is required to book a video conference.  Compatibilty testing will be performed before a conference is scheduled to certify external sites and to ensure system compatibility.