GIS Technology

Technology available in the GIS Centre


All computers in the Learning Commons are equipped with ArcGIS Desktop software. There are six machines in the GIS Centre that are designated for GIS-related work. 

The ArcGIS Desktop software is also available in a number of labs across campus. Contact your lab administrator or the GIS Centre for information and installation. 


Scanners are available for use in the Learning Commons. Please note, at this time the Centre does not have access to digitizers or large-format scanners or copiers.


The Map Collection no longer provides a large format plotting/printing service. This service is available in the Killam Library South Learning Commons. See Printing & Photocopying for details.


Dalhousie has license agreements with a  GIS softwares.  For questions relating to installation contact the GISciences Centre.  The following software packages are available on all Windows computers within the Library  System as well as most lab classroom across campus:

  • ArcGIS10.5  Desktop (including extensions)    
  • ArcGIS Pro 2.3.3 (including extensions)

ArcGIS software can be downloaded by faculty, staff and students for educational puposes. The software can be downloaded from the Dalhousie software downloads website. If you are using this at home you MUST be connected through the Dalhousie VPN.