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Getting Started with the Dalhousie Libraries

Welcome to the Dal Libraries [Video]
Registering your Dal card [Video]

Choosing a research topic

Picking your topic IS research! [Video, NCSU Libraries]

The information search process  
Term paper research
Writing a research paper, Part 1 [Video]
Writing a research paper, Part 2 [Video] 
Dalhousie Writing Centre resource guide
What is a database?

What are databases and why do you need them? [Video, Yavapai College Library]

Database searching tips

Database video tutorials from Dalhouse Libraries

Books or articles: What should I use?  
Help! I can't access the article I need!  
Identifying and reading scholarly works

Identifying scholarly works [Video, University of Wisconsin-Madison]
Reading a scholarly article [Video, Western University]
How to read an academic paper [Video, UBC iSchool]

Evaluating sources

Evaluating sources for credibility [Video, NCSU Libraries] 
Evaluation of health information on the web [Resource guide]

Primary sources: What are they? How can I find them? What are primary sources? [Video]
Finding primary sources [Video]
Advanced searching with Google

Google searching [Video]

Finding more research starting from a single source

Cited reference searching with Web of Science [Video]

Finding best practices and guidelines