ArcGIS Help

Common requests for the GIS Centre

The Centre's Top 10 Tools

ArcGIS is a complex software package - many times people don't even know what to look up in the help menu! The Centre has made a list of the top 10 most common requests and the associated tools. We have copied the help from ESRI, and added a few tips or tricks to help along the way.

GIS Dictionary

Don't understand a GIS term or word?  Use this dictionary for commonly used GIS terms.  If you need assistance with a term that isn't on the list let us know!

Creating a map

Haven't used ArcGIS in a while - but need a map?  Don't panic!  Here are tips to help get you to the final result. Click on any topic for some assistance.

Where to get geospatial data

Starting a new project and wondering where you can get geosptial data?  Check out the links to highlight some of the data sets the Centre gets the most requests for and get an idea of what types of data are available.

If you need more help, come and talk with us in the GIS Centre. We have a number of options for Dalhousie students, staff and faculty including: free online courses, one-on-one help, or just an opportunity to chat about potential spatial research projects.