Course & Program Library Assessments

Dalhousie University’s structured approach to the introduction of new programs and new courses is outlined on the University Secretariat’s Program Proposal website.

New and amended graduate and undergraduate courses require a library collection assessment to ensure the Dalhousie Libraries have the resources to support the course that students and faculty will need. For graduate courses, this requirement is indicated on the Faculty of Graduate Studies’ Curriculum Change Form.

Faculty members should send requests for library collection assessments to:

Each program at Dalhousie has a liaison librarian. The liaison librarian responsible for a course/program is normally responsible for completing the library assessment.

A library collection assessment will:

1. Describe and evaluate current collection resources and gaps. The following factors are considered:

  • ownership of resources
  • access to resources
  • need for new media
  • user student population needs and numbers
  • program delivery method (e.g., on campus or distance; with external institutional partners, clinic or practicum requirements, etc.)
  • capacity to support the current or proposed academic program

2. If required, develop a budget that will address immediate collection needs and provide ongoing collections support for the academic program.

Procedure and Timelines

The requesting faculty member should send course or program proposals, including syllabi, assignments, and reading lists, to

The subject liaison will deliver a completed course assessment to the requesting faculty within three weeks, unless outside factors require alternative arrangements.

Program assessments or multiple course assessments require a longer lead time but usually can be completed within six weeks.

For more information, please contact your liaison librarian.