Women's Archives

About our Women's Archives

Honor R. Sachs has noted that the writing of women’s history often relies on “unearthing otherwise obscure archival evidence.” While material related to women and their history is frequently hidden in any number or variety of collections, the University Archives holds a range of records that specifically and discernably document the lives of women in Nova Scotia.

Comprehensive collections of private papers, including those of Catherine Creighton and her family—correspondence, diaries, photographs, financial documents and scrapbooks—can provide a well-rounded depiction of a woman’s life, from her relationships with family and community, to her work, financial status, values, education and career. Single items such as the poetry copybook of Annie Prescott Duff (MS-2-22) offer a brief glimpse into a Nova Scotia childhood.

We also collect the working papers of women artists, academics and other professionals, and the administrative records of activist, political, cultural and social organizations, such as the La Have Presbyterian Ladies’ Aid Society and the Nova Scotia Women’s Action Committee.

Published Research



Margaret Conrad, Toni Laidlaw and Donna Smyth. No Place Like Home: Diaries and Letters of Nova Scotia Women, 1771-1938. Halifax: Formac, 1988.

Pils, Holger and Karolina Kühn. Elisabeth Mann Borgese und das Drama der Meere. Hamburg: Mare, 2012.