Archives Staff

Contact information and areas of responsibility

Staff located at the Killam Memorial Library unless otherwise noted.

Name and Areas of Responsibility
Contact Information

Creighton Barrett, Digital Archivist

  • Archives Catalogue
  • Archives instruction
  • Digital forensics
  • Digital preservation

Phone: 902-494-6490

Email: Creighton.Barrett@Dal.Ca

Courtney Bayne, Records Manager

  • Departmental records transfers
  • Records management

Phone: 902-494-2894


Kelly Casey, Archives Assistant

  • Accessing departmental records
  • Administration
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-6612

Email: Kelly.Stevens@Dal.Ca

Joan Chiasson, Archives Assistant

  • Archives subject guides
  • DalSpace
  • Website
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-1174

Email: Joan.Chiasson@Dal.Ca

Jennifer Lambert, Archives Assistant

  • Departmental records transfers
  • Monetary appraisals
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-5175

Email: Jennifer.Lambert@Dal.Ca

Dianne Landry, Archives Assistant

  • Accessing departmental records
  • Conservation
  • Public service
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-6794

Email: Dianne.Landry@Dal.Ca

Guy Lelievre, Archives and Library Services Assistant

  • Departmental records transfers
  • Accessioning 

Jennifer MacIsaac, Archives, Special Collections, and Museum Specialist (MacRae Library)

  • Agricola Collections
  • Public service

Phone: 902-893-4593

Phone: 902-893-6718 (Archives)


Michael Moosberger, Associate Dean, Archives, Special Collections, and Records Management; and University Archivist

  • Archival donations
  • Strategic initiatives

Phone: 902-494-5176

Email: Michael.Moosberger@Dal.Ca

Shirley Vail, Digitization Coordinator 

  • Digitization training
  • Archives Document Delivery
  • Digital project planning
  • Booking scanning equipment

Phone: 902-494-6126