Archives Staff

Contact information and areas of responsibility

Staff located at the Killam Memorial Library unless otherwise noted.

Name and Areas of Responsibility
Contact Information

Creighton Barrett, Acquisitions and Public Services Archivist

  • Archives donations
  • Collections management
  • Reference and research services
  • Digital Forensics Lab

Phone: 902-494-6490

Email: Creighton.Barrett@Dal.Ca

Courtney Bayne, Records Manager

  • Archives operational management
  • Records Management operational management
  • Records management procedures
  • Records Management training
  • University administrative records disposals and transfers



Kelly Casey, Archives Assistant

  • Accessing departmental records
  • Administration
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-6612

Email: Kelly.Stevens@Dal.Ca

Roger Gillis, Digital Archivist

  • Digital preservation
  • Archives Catalogue
  • Digital collections
  • Archives systems

Jennifer Lambert, Archives Assistant

  • Departmental records transfers
  • Monetary appraisals
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-5175

Email: Jennifer.Lambert@Dal.Ca

Dianne Landry, Archives Assistant

  • Accessing departmental records
  • Conservation
  • Public service
  • Research enquiries

Phone: 902-494-6794

Email: Dianne.Landry@Dal.Ca

Phillip Laugher, Digital Asset Technician

  • Digitization training
  • Archives Document Delivery
  • Digital project planning
  • Booking scanning equipment

Guy Lelievre,  Records Management Assistant

  • Records management enquiries 
  • Records management training
  • University administrative records disposals and transfers



Jennifer MacIsaac, Archives, Special Collections, and Museum Specialist (MacRae Library)

  • Agricola Collections
  • Public service

Phone: 902-893-4593

Phone: 902-893-6718 (Archives)


Sarah Stevenson, Associate Dean Archives, Records Management, and Special Collections; Head, Killam Memorial Library

  • Strategic initiatives

Phone: 902-494-1325