University Records

About University Records

The Dalhousie University Archives serves as the University’s corporate memory by identifying, preserving and making available institutional records of enduring value, including textual, photographic, audiovisual and electronic materials.

The Archives also acquires records of independent student, alumni and employee organizations, private papers from prominent faculty and alumni, and University publications. Together these records document the work of the University, and tell the story of the Dalhousie community and its people over time.

Accessing University Records

Many university records are open for research. Some university records are closed to the public and must be accessed through a FOIPOP application. Researchers should contact the University Archives before making on-site visits to access University Records.

Dalhousie administrators seeking access to institutional records should contact the University Archives with their request. Please allow up to one week for records searching.

Dalhousie administrators seeking to transfer records to the University Archives should review the Archives' records management page.

Online Collections

Published Research

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