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Photocopying & Printing

Copying library materials is governed by copyright legislation

There are strict rules regarding photocopying of academic material as defined in the Canadian Copyright Act.

  • Please consult the Fair Dealing page for the requirements for scanned and photocopied materials for academic use.
  • Visit our guide to the public domain for information on finding and using publicly available works.
  • Please consult the Copyright Office if you are uncertain about copyright, fair dealing, or the public domain.

Printing and Photocopying Services

Photocopiers and printers are available at all Dalhousie libraries.




Black & white - Single-sided $0.10 $0.15
Black & white - Double-sided $0.18  
Colour $0.50  
Archives and Special Collections materials*   $0.25
Oversized Archives and Special Collections materials*   $0.40
Large format printing Matte:
$9/linear foot
$10/linear foot

* Archives and Special Collections materials are normally photocopied by staff.

How to Print

Printing from a Learning Commons computer

When you print something using a Learning Commons computer, your document goes into a print queue. Each Learning Commons computer has a default black and white printer.

The Learning Commons black and white printers default to double-sided printing. If you want to print single-sided, adjust the printing options before sending your document to the printer.

To print:

  1. Send your document to the printer. If you are printing from an Express Station, also take note of the number attached to the computer monitor.
  2. Go to the printing station. 
  3. Swipe your DalCard, Visitor Card or Grant Card.
  4. Select your printout from the list of waiting printouts. Each printout is identified either by a NetId, a Guest ID or by the number of the computer used to send the document to the printer.
  5. If you have enough money on your card to pay for the printout, it is printed and the price is deducted from your card.
  6. If you don't have enough money on your card, the printout remains in the queue.  Printouts which are not printed within an hour are deleted from the print queue.

Printing from your laptop

If you are a current Dalhousie student or staff member, you can use your laptop to print to the the Learning Commons printers.

To print from your laptop to Learning Commons printers, you need to install some software.  Follow the setup instructions on Campus Printing page.

large format printer slider

Large Format Printing

The Killam Learning Commons has a HP Designjet T2300 large format printer which can print maps and posters up to 36 inches wide. Two types of paper are available. Matte paper is priced at $9 per linear foot, satin paper is $10 per linear foot.

  • Submit jobs, or questions, to plotter@dal.ca. Large files should be submitted via Dalhousie File Exchange.
  • Files should be sized correctly and in pdf format only.
  • When submitting specify whether you require matte or satin paper and also the expected size of your print job.
  • The printer is in operation Monday to Friday.
  • Turnaround time should be within 24 hours, except on weekends.
  • You will be notified by email when the print job is ready.