Submission of Records Disposition Documentation


In accordance with the University Records Management Policy all records defined in DalCLASS will be listed in the Records Inventory List and reviewed by the Office of Primary Responsibility or Office of Secondary Responsibility prior to signing Signing Authorities. These lists will be reviewed for records that: 

  • Are subject to an audit that is underway or pending
  • Are subject to legal discovery in a legal matter that is underway or anticipated
  • Are subject to a pending or ongoing investigation or review
  • Pertain to an open application for access to records made under the FOIPOP Act
  • Document financial obligations that have not been completed
  • Document contractual obligations that have neither expired nor been fulfilled
  • Have operational requirements for retention that have changed since approval of the records schedule

If a reason is identified why records should not be sent for disposition complete a Records Hold Form and retain the records in the faculty or department. Records on hold should be reviewed on an annual basis and forms updated accordingly.

All Records Authorized for Disposition

When a Disposition Authorization Form and corresponding Records Inventory List - Boxes for physical records (electronic record dispositioning coming soon) are completed:

  • Submit forms and lists electronically to the University Records Management Program via email:

Once forms are received, Records Management staff will:

  • Verify authorized signatures, checking to make sure that the signature on the Disposition Authorization Form corresponds to the Signing Authority Forms
  • Communicate with the records contact or signatory if there are concerns with the disposition documentation
  • Forward  the documentation to the University Archivist for review and authorization

After the Archivist has reviewed and authorized the disposition documentation, staff will contact the Records Contact or signatory to discuss next steps.

Please see Preparing Records for Storage and Disposition for instructions on how to pack boxes for safe shipment, storage and access.