DalCLASS is the main records management tool that supports the Dalhousie Records Management Policy. It is the authority for organizing, retaining and disposing of Dalhousie University Administrative Records.

DalCLASS is organized by primary business functions that contain university administrative records held in both central offices and various academic and administrative units throughout Dalhousie University. Each functional section of DalCLASS is divided into a number of records series classifications. Each classification is assigned a number in blocks to allow for expansion of the system.

Each records series is described by noting its purpose and the scope and contents of the records generated in the course of the related business activities. The description also notes the primary office(s) responsible for the records.  It also contains a retention rule and disposition instructions that have been approved by the University Records Committee.

AD Administration
CS Campus Services
ER External Relations and Communications
FP Facilities and Property
FN Finance
GV Governance
HL Health and Safety
HR Human Resources
IM Information Management and Technology
RS Research
ST Students
TL Teaching and Learning

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