Committees of Library Council

Standing Committees

Communications Team

Terms of Reference     2013-2014 Annual Report
Marlo MacKay (Chair), Gina Coates, James Boxall, Joan Chiasson, Jolene Reid, Lachlan MacLeod, Nadine Day Boutilier, Phillip Laugher, Sarah Davis.

Dalhousie Libraries Service Point Committee (DLSPC)

Terms of Reference    2016-2017 Annual Report
Sandy Dwyer, Jan Pelley (co-chairs), Amanda Sparks, Anne-Marie White, David Michels, Dominic Silvio, Elaine MacInnis, Erin MacPherson, Helen Wojick, Leah Unicomb, Melissa Helwig, Mick Bottom, Sarah Jane Dooley.

Libraries Internship/Practicum Coordinating Committee (LIPCC)

Terms of Reference     2016-2017 Annual Report
Sarah Jane Dooley (Chair), Creighton Barrett, Elaine MacInnis, Erin MacPherson, Julie Marcoux, Melissa Helwig, Mike Moosberger, Sarah Stevenson, Shelley McKibbon.

Preservation Committee

Terms of Reference     
Creighton Barrett (Chair), Heather MacFadyen, Jennifer MacIsaac, Shelley McKibbon, Michael Moosberger, Michelle Paon, Karen Smith.

Scholarly Resources Management Group (SRMG)

Terms of Reference       2018-2019 Annual Report
Michelle Paon (chair), Ann Barrett, Linda Clark, Allison Fulford, Heather MacFadyen, Erin MacPherson, Sarah Stevenson.

Web Advisory Committee (WAC)

Terms of Reference     2015-2016 Annual Report
Shelley McKibbon (Chair), Alex Wojcik, Daryl Atkinson, Gwen MacNairn, Jason Lee, Joan Chiasson, Lachlan MacLeod, Leah Unicomb, Lindsay McNiff, Marlo MacKay, Michelle Paon.