Communication & Writing

Communication and writing

There are a wide range of services to help at the writing and communication stage of your research project. The Dalhousie Writing Centre and the Faculty of Graduate Studies advise on thesis writing and defense. Citation style assistance and peer review can be found from the Dal Libraries and the Writing Centre. Poster design tips will help with early presentation options for your research results.

Writing support

Writing Centre, Subject Liaisons

Writing is a fundamental aspect of research communication, and it is important to continuously strengthen your writing skills and techniques. Writing assistance is available at any level through tutoring appointments, consultations, supplemental classes as well as workshops, events and seminars offered by the Writing Centre. The library also provides stylistic guidance and resources for writing academic research papers.

Services and tools:

  • Book an appointment with a Writing Centre tutor to get writing assistance at any stage or consult the Writing Centre’s resource guide to access online resources and tips.
  • Attend free workshops, events and seminars to ask questions, get help or learn more about academic writing.
  • Enroll in a supplemental class to develop a greater understanding of disciplinary writing conventions and develop your writing skills.
  • Consult Dalhousie Libraries’ writing guide for tips on writing academic research papers, writing abstracts as well as other writing styles.
  • Learn more about academic integrity through the writing centre’s modules and seminars on plagiarism.

Citation style

 Writing CentreSubject Liaison Librarians

Citing sources is key while communicating research. Following proper citation styles and understanding their rules will professionalize your work, comply with research and publication ethics and prevent plagiarism. The library’s resources, your subject liaison librarian and the Writing Centre can help you properly cite materials.

Services and tools:

Dissertation supports

CONTACT: Writing CentreFaculty of Graduate Studies

Writing a thesis or dissertation requires a lot of organization and planning. The Faculty of Graduate Studies and the Writing Centre provide guidance on writing, formatting, and presenting your thesis and dissertation.

Services and tools:

Posters & conferences

 Writing CentrePoster printing

Creating posters and presenting your research at conferences is often an important part of the research process. Both the library and the Writing Centre provide various resources and guidance on how to create effective posters and presentations.

Services and tools:

Participating in peer review

 Subject Liaison Librarians

As a researcher, you will likely become involved in the peer review process as you publish your work. Resources provided outside of the library can help both students and faculty better understand the peer review process.

Services and tools: