Transferring Records to the Archives

Administrative records must adhere to the Records Management Policy to be accepted by the Archives. For assistance with items that are not administrative records but may have historical value, please contact the Archives at or visit the Donor Information page.

Analogue (Non-Electronic) Record Transfers

If you have analogue administrative records ready for transfer to the Archives, complete Records inventory List – Boxes and a Records Disposition Authorization Form

A record is a record regardless of format (see Glossary for the definition of a record). The Archives accept various formats records are captured in. Here is a list of examples:

  • paper
  • photograph
  • 35mm film
  • floppy disc
  • DVD, CD, Blue Ray disc
  • Cassette tape, VHS tape, Beta tape,
  • a map

Note: this is not an extensive list. If you have questions contact the University Records Manager.

Refer to related Procedures found in the Resources section, for more detailed instructions.

Electronic Records Transfers

Coming soon

Archiving Websites

To archive a website, complete the form to submit a request for websites to be reviewed. Each request will be evaluated for administrative record content (in accordance with Records Management Policy) and historical value.