Managing Shared Email Accounts


When a shared email account is part of a unit’s administrative functions it is important to ensure that the records created in the account are managed effectively and captured accordingly. As multiple individuals may access a shared email account, it is important to identify clearly the account’s business functions and requirements as well as the accountability structure of its use.


To have staff consider:

  • How emails are tracked in the shared email account
  • Whether the email account has the appropriate administrative rights and access configurations
  • Whether there is documentation outlining the email account’s use and accountability structure
  • How to handle sensitive or confidential personal information using a shared email account

Best Practices

  • Document the appropriate use of the account
  • Identify the account’s administrators /owners
  • Identify user rights and roles (e.g., read, write, send) within the unit
  • Track, file and manage email in shared accounts in accordance with Dalhousie’s Records Management Policy
  • Ensure that minimal sensitive or confidential personal information is transferred through email

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