Copyright Tools for the Libraries

Resources for Managing Copyright in the Libraries' Online Collections

The Libraries' Copyright Office provides assistance with copyright issues that arise during the creation and management of online collections. These tools and documents were designed with the University Libraries' online collections specifically in mind. They should not necessary be taken as guidance for disseminating material on personal webpages."

Copyright Consent Form

Rights holders are invited to grant Dalhousie University permission to make digital copies of their works available on the Internet via publicly available access systems that are maintained and controlled by the Libraries.

Download the Copyright Consent Form

Copyright Assessment Tool

This “copyright assessment tool” has been designed to guide the assessment of risk associated with dissemination of digital material on the Internet.

Download the Copyright Assessment Tool

Copyright Assessment Worksheet

This “copyright assessment worksheet” has been designed to provide practical application of the risk factors associated with disseminating material online.

Download the Copyright Assessment Worksheet

Protocol for Takedown Requests Regarding Materials in the Libraries' Online Collections

While the Libraries makes best efforts to ensure its content is appropriate, there may be rare situations where such content could inadvertently include materials that are in some way unauthorized. Accordingly, the Libraries has a “takedown request” process, through which record subjects and copyright owners may make their complaint known and request the removal of allegedly infringing records.

Download the Takedown Request Protocol

Takedown Request Form

Record subjects and copyright owners may use this takedown request form to make their complaint known and request the removal of allegedly infringing records. Please complete the form and return to

Download the Takedown Request Form

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We'd be happy to help out. Please send us your copyright questions and comments.

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