About Us

Dalhousie Libraries' Copyright Office

The landscape of copyright law has undergone a dramatic shift within the last number of years. Changes in technology, the law and in practice have dramatically affected, and will continue to affect, the way in which the University functions as both a creator of copyright as well as a user of copyright protected material.

The Dalhousie Libraries' Copyright Office offers support to faculty, staff and students to ensure that our community can succeed in their teaching, research and studies.

To support that goal, the Dalhousie Libraries' Copyright Office endeavours to:

  1. Provide educational programs and general advice on copyright issues.
  2. Monitor the University community's compliance with copyright rules and encourage appropriate practices.
  3. Policy development and dissemination.

We Offer Presentations

Please contact the Dal Libraries' Copyright Office if you would like to arrange for a presentation or workshop around copyright related issues for your colleagues and/or your students.

Questions or comments?

We'd be happy to help out. Please send us your copyright questions and comments.

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