Copyright Office Email, Primary e-mail for all inquiries
Lachlan MacLeod, Copyright Services Coordinator
Roger Gillis, Copyright & Humanities Librarian
Donna Bourne-Tyson, Dean of Libraries, Copyright Officer
Elaine MacInnis, Associate Dean Library Services and Head, MacRae Library

Dalhousie Copyright Advisory Committee

Dalhousie University's Copyright Advisory Committee monitors and addresses legislative, implementation and interpretive issues around copyright that affect the use of information resources by students, faculty and staff at Dalhousie. The Committee brings together all units with related responsibilities to ensure that the institutional approach to copyright is a coordinated one.

The Copyright Advisory Committee members are:

Donna Bourne-Tyson (Chair), Dean of Libraries, Copyright Officer, Dalhousie Libraries
Elaine MacInnis, Associate Dean Library Services and Head of MacRae Library, Dalhousie Libraries
Lachlan MacLeod, Copyright Services Coordinator, Dalhousie Libraries
Roger Gillis, Copyright & Humanities Librarian, Dalhousie Libraries

Anne Matthewman, Associate Dean Learning & Teaching and Chief Law Librarian, Dalhousie Libraries
Anne-Marie Charron, Special Projects Coordinator, Printing Service
Chad O’Brien, Instructional Designer, Centre for Learning and Teaching
Chris LeBlanc, University Controller, Financial Services
Danielle Boyd, Associate Legal Counsel, Dalhousie Legal Counsel Office
Fiona Black, Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Hasah Sinan, Vice President Academic and External, Dalhousie Student Union
Janet Hathaway, Interim University Librarian, University of King's College
Judy Davidson, Course Materials Manager, Dalhousie Bookstore
Leslie Phillmore, Associate Dean, Faculty of Science
Michael Bennett, Associate Director Engineering Services, Information Technology Services
Michael Fournier, Acting Associate Dean Academic, Faculty of Arts and Social Science
Mike Smit, Associate Dean, Faculty of Management
Shelley McKibbon, Kellogg Library, Dalhousie Libraries
Sherry Carmont, College of Continuing Education
Tina Shannon, Manager, Dalhousie Bookstore

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