Discovery & Impact

Discovery and impact

Help others locate your work with the right discovery support. There are many ways researchers and authors can promote discovery of their papers and datasets. When your research is found and cited, your impact measures will reflect this. Make sure you get credit for your work by updating your publication record in ORCiD, your UNIWeb account and other author profiles. Consider ways of promoting the discovery of your own work by optimizing communication possibilities on social media. 

Communicating research

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Communicating your research to members of the public and partners is integral in creating discoverable and impactful work. Both Dalhousie University services and Dalhousie Libraries offers resources to help disseminate your work.

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Author identity

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Managing your author identity involves consolidating your information and organizing your online profiles so that your work is correctly attributed to you. This can be a benificial part of the research process as it will help researchers find your scholarship and insures you have credit for your work. 

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Impact Metrics / Bibliometrics

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Impact metrics are used to asses the impact of a scholar's research. There are a variety of types of data and calculations that can be used.. Impact metrics can also assist researchers in evaluating the relivancy of journals in their fields of study. 

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  • For more information, review the Citation Impact page. 
  • It is worth taking some time to  review the Research Impact guide as there can be confusion in the meaning of impact as applied to the researcher, journal or citation.
  • Recently, Alternative Metrics have grown in popularity to show a fuller picture of research impact. Many journals now provide acess and download statistics. There are also programs that track social media mentions. 

Media resources

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Self-promotion is an important step in the discovery of your research. This can include promoting your research in professional networks, utalizing your community’s media, and assuring your publications are accessible for promotion. 

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