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Make the best use of your research time

Start and finish your academic research with a Dalhousie library. We have all the tools and support you need to plan, work on or tune up any project you have in mind.

Make a work plan

Assignment Calculator: Our calculator will create a timeline for researching and writing your paper to help you meet that important deadline.

Start your research

Subject Guides:  Librarians select key resources in each academic field and assemble them into guides to help you with your research.

Search by field of study

Focus your searches 

  • Search all Novanet Resources
  • Novanet Classic
  • LibX:The Dalhousie LibX toolbar is a browser extension that allows you to search Novanet, Dalhousie subscribed electronic journals and many citation and full text databases directly from your browser's toolbar. The toolbar is a convenient way to take the library and its resources with you, wherever you happen to be online.
    Download for Firefox, Chrome
  • Citation linker: Access an article when you already have a citation.
Article search

Manage your information

RefWorks: RefWorks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to compile, edit and format bibliographies.

Quick answers

Online reference sources for quick answers to basic questions.

Research help

If you get stuck or feel lost, get in touch a with a reference librarian.


Live Help: chat with a librarian who can help immediately.

  • Humanities, Sciences, Social Sciences and Management (Killam): 902-494-3611
  • Health Sciences (Kellogg): 902-494-2482
  • Law (Dunn): 902-494-2124
  • Architecture, Engineering and Planning (Sexton): 902-494-3965
  • Agriculture (MacRae): 902-893-6669
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