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The best way to organize your sources and citations

RefWorks is a web-based citation manager that allows you to compile, edit and format bibliographies by importing references directly from online databases or by entering them manually and inserting them into your finished paper in the citation style of your choice (eg. APA, MLA).

OFFICE 365: Write N Cite is not compatible with Word 2016 (Mac).  (It should work for Word 2015 on PCs.) RefWorks developers are working on the problem. In the meantime, consider using One Line Cite to insert references and update bibliographies in those versions of Word. This tutorial will show you how.

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Guides and Help

Dalhousie-created tutorials

What RefWorks can do:

  • Import references from databases using Import Filters or text files.
  • Interact with MS Word to create formatted citations and bibliography in your paper. (Use One Line/Cite View for very portable papers, or Write-N-Cite 4 if you always write on the same computer.)
  • Format your reference list in one of dozens of formats like APA or MLA, etc.

Avoiding plagiarism

When writing research papers you enter into an academic dialogue. The importance of understanding the responsibilities the academic community places on you as a writer cannot be understated.

    Bookmark Dalhousie’s Academic Integrity site. Spend time here. Use it as a reference. It lays out the standards of conduct you must follow.

    Plagiarism tutorials: Dal Libraries Academic Integrity video modules available for APA, MLA, and Vancouver styles.