Record Storage

Where do I store electronic administrative records?

All of Dalhousie’s electronic administrative records should be stored in a university-approved repository. The kind of information contained in a record (e.g., personal), will determine where it can be stored. Please refer to the Information Security Classification Standards and Guidelines from Information Technology Services (ITS), for more details.

How do I know where to store what?

DalCLASS outlines the security classification of record types. Please refer to the DalCLASS classification number under ‘Details – Security Classification’  to find out if the records are considered Public; Internal; Confidential; or Sensitive.

If a record’s security classification is not identified in DalCLASS, please contact the University Records Manager or the Privacy Officer for direction.

What is considered a Dalhousie-approved repository for record storage?

Refer to the Information Security Classification Standards and Guidelines regarding Dalhousie-approved storage repositories for records. 

What about Research?

Research material is not covered under the university’s Records Management Policy

Contact the Office of Research Services or Data Management Services for support.

For recommendations about non-electronic record storage please see storing boxes or contact Records Management Staff.