Manage your Copyright

Information for rights holders

The Dalhousie University Archives supports the mission of the University by providing access to its collections on the Dalhousie Archives website. This page contains information for donors, prospective donors, and individuals and organizations whose copyrighted material has been donated to the University Archives.

How do we protect your copyright and intellectual property?

  • We strictly enforce terms and conditions of donor agreements
  • We only provide read-only access to our digital archives (e.g., by providing streaming video and uneditable PDF/A files)
  • We provide researchers with information and resources to verify the copyright status of material within our collections
  • We have a protocol for responding to requests to takedown infringing material

Put your works online

Rights holders are invited to grant Dalhousie University permission to make digital copies of their works available on the Internet via publicly available access systems that are maintained and controlled by the Libraries.

Download copyright consent form