The stages of mask enforcement

Public Health requires that everyone must wear a non-medical mask in most indoor public places. Unfortunately, non-compliance with the masking directive has been reported frequently in all of the Libraries spaces, by both Libraries staff and students studying in the spaces.

With the support of the university, students who both refuse to wear a mask and who remain in the library after being told to leave will have a Student Code of Conduct report written about the incident. A report about a violation of the Student Code of Conduct can lead to serious ramifications for the student involved.

How mask compliance is enforced in the Dalhousie Libraries

Stage 1: Informal Reminder
  • Message delivered by library assistant or other member of library staff.
  • Message is supportive, polite, and non-confrontational.
  • Focus is to remind the individual of mask requirements and request compliance.
Stage 2: Final Warning
  • Message is delivered by a supervisor/manager from the library, or other designated individual.
  • Message is firm, direct, and authoritative.
  • Purpose is to advise the individual that this is their final warning related to compliance with the mask requirements, and if they do not comply they will be required to leave the library.
Stage 3: Notice to Leave
  • Message is delivered by a supervisor/manager from the library, accompanied by a representative from Security.
  • Individual will be advised that they are being required to leave the library immediately due to non-compliance with mask requirements, and failure to immediately comply will result in a report being filed under the student code of conduct.
  • Security will obtain identifying information about the individual and record the interaction via body-worn camera.
Stage 4: Code Report
  • Any individual who does not comply immediately with a Stage 3 request, or who engages inappropriately with library or security staff during these interactions will have a code report filed.