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Cost Reduction Strategy

To Which Journals Should We Continue Subscribing?

In 2018 we are reviewing the journals we purchase in bundled subscriptions from Cambridge, Oxford, Sage, Springer, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley.

Which of the journals under review are most important to your learning, teaching, and research?

This database includes only the 7,165 journals from these publishers; it is not a comprehensive list of all Dalhousie subscriptions. You do not need to review all of the journals in this database. We need your input only about the journals associated with the subjects most important to you.

While the Journal Assessment Database is still accessible, reccommendations for 2018 can no longer be submitted.

Feedback about the project can be sent to Library.Collections@dal.ca

Discontinuation of Safari Tech Books Subscription

The Dal Libraries, in consultation with the Faculty of Computer Science, the Department of Engineering Mathematics & Internetworking, and the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, have decided not to renew our subscription to Safari Tech Books, a subscription that provided access to 69 titles.

Early in September, the Libraries learned the content of the Safari eBooks subscription would change significantly to include many more titles; however, this positive news was overshadowed by a significant price increase. Over the course of three years, the price of the subscription would increase by more than 100%. Given this increase, and with input from the departments mentioned above, we’ve decided not to renew this subscription.

We have identified the most highly used titles in the package and we are buying replacement copies. In most cases, we will be able to purchase digital versions of the books, but in a handful of cases we will need to purchase print copies. In addition, we are collaborating with the Faculty of Computer Science to purchase additional books to further develop and strengthen the Libraries’ collection in this area.

If you have suggestions for items to purchase or feedback about this decision, please contact Sarah Stevenson.

Subscription Changes