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Course Reserves for Faculty

Using the forms below, Faculty members have the option to:  

  1. Submit a course reading list and have library staff create persistent URLs to as many of the readings as possible.  (Faculty will be notified of materials that require traditional Library Reserve or copyright clearance.)
  2. Place materials on traditional Library Reserve in one of the five Dalhousie Libraries

We have redesigned and simplified the online reserve readings submission form.
    Give it a try:
New Reserve Materials Submission form

Placing Reading Lists with URLs in BbLearn*

Upon receipt of a reading list, Dalhousie Library staff will create documents containing persistent links to electronic books and articles for as many readings as possible.

  • Reading lists should be submitted at least 2 weeks prior to the beginning of classes.
  • Reading lists will be processed by library staff in the order in which they are received.

Faculty members can either request that library staff load reading lists into BbLearn, or faculty can load the reading lists into BbLearn themselves.
If faculty members choose to create persistent URLs themselves, they should follow the procedures outlined in the following two sources:

NOTE: Dalhousie Libraries can provide URLs only to these types of electronic material:

  • Licenced Materials: Electronic books and articles available in databases purchased by Dalhousie Libraries, for use by Dalhousie students, faculty, and staff. Persistent, proxied URLs will be provided to this licensed material.
  • Open/Free Web Links: Links to material available for free on the open Web.
  • Electronic material for which copyright clearance has been obtained.

Materials that Require Copyright Clearance

Materials to which the Dalhousie Libraries do not have a license, or own in print, will have copyright clearance sought. When possible, print material will be ordered and scanned. Links to scanned material will be placed in BbLearn by library staff.

Using eBooks as Textbooks

Some publishers limit the number of readers who can use an ebook at the same time. This publisher-controlled limitation can make it difficult for an entire class to use the same ebook. Other ebook publishers offer better access choices.

Ebooks also vary significantly in price depending on whether the Libraries subscribe to the ebook or buy the ebook. In some cases, there are user limits on ebooks that the LibrariesĀ¹ own.

Before adding an ebook as a textbook to your course, check with your library liaison who can work with the Resources team to determine if a particular ebook will meet your needs.

Placing Materials on Reserve in the Library (Traditional)

Instructors may place library materials or professor-owned materials on Library Reserve for their courses. Shortened loan periods for these items allow for equitable access for all students.

Please observe copyright legislation and Dalhousie Fair Dealing Guidlines when requesting material to be placed on Reserve.

  • Items not held by the Dalhousie Libraries may be ordered in. Delivery time can range from 3 working days to several weeks depending on the source and types of material.
  • Reserve items will be processed in the order in which requests are received.
  • Materials that have digital versions will have URLs provided in Novanet Reserve records rather than print copies placed in the Reserve Collections.
  • All personal materials placed on Reserve will be returned through campus mail at the end of the term.