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Chat with librarians with our Live Help service

Live help is an internet chat service that enables you to ask quick questions directly to a librarian. Anyone can use it.

How to use Live Help

  • Type a question into the bottom box of the widget where it says “Type here to chat”
  • Press enter and your question will appear in the top chat box
  • In a few moments, a response from a Novanet librarian will appear.
  • Chat with the librarian by typing your responses in the bottom box and pressing enter like you did the first time.


During the Fall and Winter terms the services is open days, evenings and week-ends.
The message reads “The librarian is online.”

  • Live Help is closed: 
    • Thanksgiving
    • Remembrance Day
    • Christmas Break
    • Easter
    • Victoria Day
    • Summer: End of June to early September
  • See Live Help hours page for exact times

About Live Help

Live Help is an internet chat-based reference service provided by Novanet libraries.

  • Anyone can use this service, however, it is aimed primarily at faculty and students of Novanet member institutions.
  • Live help is designed to respond to brief questions that can be answered quickly and effectively using online resources.
  • This service currently does not offer transcript delivery. If you want to keep a record of your conversation, copy and paste any information from your conversation with a Librarian into another document to save it.
  • Do not send sensitive personal information, log-ins, passwords, etc., through this IM service as this service uses commercial IM products not housed on Novanet servers.
  • Technical difficulties: email us at livehelp@novanet.ns.ca.
  • Pop outs: you can pop the live chat box out into its own small window on your desktop so you can work as you chat. To do this, click on the green arrow pop out arrow in the widget. (Please ensure pop-ups are enabled on your computer so the service may be launched).
  • Offline messaging: you can send a message when the service is offline, but it will not be answered right away. Include an email address so we can respond to your question.

Privacy Policy

Novanet Libraries takes patron privacy and confidentiality very seriously and will never disclose your personal information or requests to any external person, body, or institution. Transcripts of chat transactions may be archived and will only be used for aggregate statistical data for quality assurance purposes before they are destroyed. This aggregate data may be used in research about this reference service. That said, this services uses commercial IM products not housed on Novanet servers so do not send sensitive personal information, log-ins, passwords, etc.

Reference & Research Services

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